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The First Attempts

Posted by Jon on May 10 , 2014 - 12:38 pm

Naturally, after launch and after telling the first few people about this site, I started thinking about how I would go about trying to hack into it. I'm also already contemplating some changes to make it sturdier, sort of like that novel you send to the publisher, see it finally hit the shelves (okay, this is some wishful thinking going on) only to open it and start seeing all the improvements you should have made before. Rather than endless tinkering, I think we'll just wait and see what happens.

We've seen the first few attempts in the logs, many of the usual suspects which we've been used to seeing over the years. No contacts with secret phrases yet, however.

We also took a few volleys from a Low Orbit Web Cannon. I'm not sure how someone would use a Dos attack like that to win the contest (especially since we've prohibited dos attacks anyway), but maybe someone could enlighten me in the comments.

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