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Posted by Jon on May 06 , 2014 - 08:31 am

Okay, we've launched this site and its associated contest. We're ready to open the gate and experience the shadowy skills of our hacking friends and of the hacking world at large. Our intention is that this site isn't easy to hack. We'll see. Our hope is that someone with considerable skill does the deed and then shares their method with us. Sure, they take $100 of our beer money, but then we learn something valuable, shore up the site, and then open the gate again for the next round. Each round should be more difficult and more rewarding. Some have called us a bit crazy exposing our codebase to this sort of intentional abuse, but we're excited to see what it can do and to make it better. Yes, we're relying on the hacker community's good manners. We know that can be a risk, but nothing wagered, nothing gained. Come on in; be nice, and be smart!

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