You can win $200 cash if you have the chops to breach the security on this website. 

We've hidden a secret phrase in a few locations within this site, places where you shouldn't have access unless you're one of the developers. What we want you to do is break into the site, find the secret phrase (you'll know it when you see it!), and then contact us through the contact form. There are a rew rules that you must follow in order to win that cool cash prize. 

The Rules

1. You must put on your white hat to enter this contest. Do no damage, do not deface anything, do not use any denial of service techniques or compromise the server in any way. Our hosts would be very angry if you did that, and you wouldn't be proving anything other than you're in a bad mood.

2. You must tell us the exact secret phrase: no variations

3.  You must contact us via the site's contact form with the correct phrase, and explain step-by-step how you got past the security. We must be able to replicate and verify your method.

4.  Once we verify your breach, we will send you $200 USD to your paypal account. You must provide us with the email address associated with your PayPal account. We will not reveal your email address to anyone. We will also sing your praises and describe how you found the phrase so that others can benefit from your awesome skills and our wit and charm. It will be up to you if you remain anonymous or if you would like us to reveal your identity. We'll respect your wishes. 

5.  We will run controlled rounds of one prize at a time and will award prizes to the first person who supplies us with the required information and whose exploit is verified by us.  We will announce the status of each round on the site home page. While a round is currently being verified, you can dink around on the site, but you will not be able to post a win (until we have completed verification and awarded the previous winner's prize - in which case, we'll announce a new round open on the home page).

There; that's not too many rules to follow now, is it?