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2. Appropriate Use

Since we are asking you to enter our contest, the object of which is to hack our site, we expect that you will attempt to discover security holes and exploit them. You are expressly prohibited, however,  from engaging or using any method that may interrupt or compromise traffic to the web server where our site is hosted, or compromise, alter, or damage in any way any other site that may be hosted on this server. You are strictly limited to exploring within www.hackatit.com. If you do not respect these limitations, our host may choose to hunt you down and prosecute you. They're probably way better at that than we are, and we certainly won't stand in their way. 

3. Public Comments on our Blog

We maintain a blog on this site to chronicle the contest and talk about web security. We allow the viewing public to submit comments to our posts and to other's' comments. Please use appropriate language and courtesy. We reserve the right to disallow and/or delete any comments that we deem offensive or inappropriate.